Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Swan Song

The drive to Anacortes every week has been very interesting. Mt Baker is covered with snow and looks so amazing, but this was the other sight that was a nice surprise. I have seen swans before, but usually in a park on a pond, or in a zoo. I have never seen them in the wild like this and in such large numbers. Last week, there was probably three times the amount shown in the photo. In fact, there was so many that I wasn't sure they could be swans. This week, the numbers had gone down quite a bit. If you click on the photo with the smallest images, it will enlarge and you can see more flocks in the background. Since these birds migrate from Ontario, Canada in the winter, my guess is that maybe they are returning back to Canada. After this wonderful sighting, I decided to educate myself a "little" bit about Trumpeter Swans.
1. They mate for life. Ahhhh If one of them dies, they will find another mate, but will still mate in the original mating grounds.
2. A female swan is called a pen.
3. A male swan is called a cob.
4. A swan under the age of one year is called a cygnet.
There are many websites about Trumpeter Swans if you want to learn more. Enjoy!

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