Saturday, February 3, 2007

Life in the Fast Lane

Oh, Life in the Fast Lane. I used to love that song way back when the Eagles made it a hit. I said I USED to love that song. That is until today. I left the house this morning for my two hour drive to Anacortes to take a knitting class at their local yarn shop (more about that at a later date). I wanted to get there early, have lunch and then perhaps take a few waterfront photos. So, I'm cruising along in the fast lane singing along with my iPod, to "Life in the Fast Lane". I am excited, I can visualize all the yarn surrounding me in the shop and I will be soaking it in for THREE FULL HOURS! I can see in my mind every color imaginable! I can see it SO clearly that my rear view mirror looks red and blue! Wait a minute, skeins of yarn don't "flash" and they certainly don't say "pull over to the right shoulder"! What the heck?! Hmmm, 73 in a 60 mph zone? Really? $128!!!! Really? Geez, the nice officer says I can go to court and protest, but the only thing I really have to say to the judge is THIS MONEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN SPENT ON YARN THAT DAY!!!! I doubt they would understand. Lesson learned. I've now switched to singing the Eagles hit "Take it Easy".


Flo said...

Geez Lilly, you could have offered to knit him a pair of socks and saved yourself some cash!

Nancy said...

Ouch! I hate when that happens!