Sunday, April 27, 2008


My name is Lilly. I am a bagaholic. I've finally owned up to it in hopes I can be cured. I haven't counted my bags, but I know it is at least ten times more than I need. Yet, again, I found myself walking out of Renaissance Yarns yesterday with a new bag. How could I resist? This bag is SO roomy and so beautiful and it has all the textures one could hope for. The shiny silk is beautiful and the colorful lining is SO happy! This will be my favorite bag until the next one catches my eye, or until my other new bag (Lexie Barnes) arrives from the east coast!!! Yikes did I just spill the beans that I have yet bought another bag this week? Oh, well, a girl has to look good while knitting right? Just out of curiousity, how many bags do YOU have?
PS. The little bag in front is a matching notions bag. I HAD to buy that right? Right?

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Girlfriend Scarf

This is my adaptation of the Koigu Ruffled Scarf. I loved that scarf, but I wanted one just a bit longer. Why do I call it the girlfriend scarf? Because you would be crazy to knit it without the benefit of talking with a girlfriend during the process. This project has a cast on of 696 sts and is very boring. That tells you how much I love this scarf. It's warm and very fluid. This is a no brainer project that you can knit, laugh and drink while knitting.
Here is my adaptation.

The Girlfriend Scarf ©
Size: 6"x40"
Gauge: 4-4.5 sts per inch
Materials: One skein Collinette Jitterbug sock yarn. You will use every bit of this.
My color: 159 Morello Mash 291m
Needles: 40" #6 circular needle. I used a Knit Picks Harmony Needle. This should not be knit too tight because you want it to drape nicely.
Cast on 696 stitches. (Yes, you read that right.)
Work 4 rows stockinette stitch beginning with a knit row.
Ruffle Row Decrease Repeat:
Row 1: (K1, K2tog), repeat to end of row
Row 2: Purl
Repeat these two rows four times
Work 22 rows of Stockinette Stitch ending with a purl row.
Ruffle Row Increase Repeat:
Row 1: (Knit 1, and knit and increase in the next stitch.) Repeat to the end of the row.
Row 2: Purl.
Repeat these two rows four times until original 696 stitches are on the needle. This can be approximate.
Work five rows Stockinette Stitch ending with a purl row. Bind off.
Weave in ends.