Friday, March 20, 2009

Candle Mats and Glassybabys

I have always been a fan of Glassybabys! These beautiful little handblown candle holders became famous after Martha Stewart touted their beauty several years back. Seattle is fortunate to be the home of Glassybabys. Well, between my love of quilting and my love of blown glass, I've found a marriage made in heaven! Wool mats and Glassybabys. There are many candle mat patterns available, but I am drawn to "Annelles Originals" She has a candle mat pattern for every holiday and she also offers the wool to make them. So naturally, I'm going to make several this year and the Shamrock St Patricks Day is the first one! I really enjoyed this project and it was a nice sit in my chair and stitch pattern. Next up....Bunnies!