Wednesday, July 25, 2007

AH HA!!!

They talked about Firebirds. They talked about Summer Sun. They talked about Summer Soltice. They named the sock Soltice Slip, but I don't know. I think this might be the true inspiration. What do you think? I loved making this sock! The pattern was easy to memorize and it was also easy to put down and pick up again! I must say, I did have to put it down a time or two to have a Berry Rainbow Sherbet break! Happy Summer!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Just Knittin'

I haven't forgotten anyone, I'm just knittin away on socks!!!!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Little Lost Blogger

I have been so neglectful of our blog. The bag has been one ball of yarn short of a full blog. I do have lots of excuses. My oldest son came home from collage and started an intern job. My youngest son graduated from high school. I went down to California to pick up my daughter from collage and arrange to have her horse shipped back up to Washington. We then visited with my mom and sister and said good bye to my nephew who was leaving for the army. We then raced back up to Seattle in her little red Blazer to get here before the horse did. The horse arrived we had fun riding together for a couple of days and then I break a couple of bones in my foot. It's my left foot, which means I can still drive, but it's the foot I use to mount my horse. So now I'm hopping around in my " oh so cool looking ski boot" . My family was helpful at first, but after the first 24 hours the honeymoon is over, and helping mom isn't very fun anymore. I have been knitting though. I have been finishing all of my daughter's projects that she started while at collage. She had a few of them because whenever she was home, like for spring break, Christmas, last summer we always made a trip to the LYS and got a new project.
Before my kids got home we had made lots of plans for the summer, involving trips to Pike Place Market, (one of my daughters favorite places), going on lots of day hikes, especially up to Mount Rainer,I think the most beautiful mountain on the planet, and of course lots and lots of trail rides on our horses. But it is not to be, they will have to go without me and I will console myself by knitting more socks for those hiking and riding boots.