Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Belated Valentine

Well, here are my beloved Valentine Socks! I'm not sure if I was supposed to WEAR them for Valentines Day or just knit on them for Valentines day! So, I opened my kit on February 14th and starting knitting. The kit was purchased from Woolgirl and she just does a fabulous job with her kits. You get an original pattern, a cute little knitting pouch, an appropriate stitch marker, special indie yarn and of course, CHOCOLATE!! The chocolate was long finished before the socks by the way. This yarn is from White Oak Studio TV Yarn and the colorway is Be My Valentine Charlie Brown. The pattern was so much fun that I finished the pair in a week! I can't wait for the Charlie Brown Easter kit!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Go with it

Okay, we've let Lilly down for too long and I can't stand the guilt of not posting, not knitting, and being a total lame brain with this whole blog. I have no excuse other than knowing if I promise to do something, I don't deliver. Period. So, I'm not going to talk about finishing socks or any of my umpteenth projects overflowing from my knitting bag(s). I will just start something new. Maybe. If Lilly will help me. I've been into photography lately and after I saw the fingerless gloves Lilly knit up, ever so beautifully I might add, I decided they would be the perfect companion for my photography especially on these cold mornings and nights. Not that I get out much in the morning, or night. But I plan to. See, I bought myself a new camera and I'm totally in love with it but it is way over my head with buttons a go-go, and I'm struggling with this and that and trying to wrap my brain around custom settings and all. Just too much information for me to take in and sort through and comprehend. The perfect solution is to start knitting because I know the power a couple of needles and a ball of yarn can have on a person. Just the simple process of creating, or attempting to create, something beautiful out of a little ol' ball of yarn is enough to get me excited. Jo decided she wants to make the same gloves so we are planning to start together. This is probably my first mistake since I cannot keep up with Jo and her disciplined regimen of knitting a project and finishing it. I won't even try. I will go with the flow (get it?) and see where I end up.

It Bugged Me

Have you ever worked on a project and something just bugged you about it? Then have you gone ahead and finished it anyway hoping it would be alright? That's what happened with my first months block of the Raspberry Truffle pattern. One of the fabrics in each block just bugged me but I kept on going. I finally decided it wouldn't quit bugging me until I changed it, so yesterday I took the one fabric out and put another one in. :o) I like the block better now. The one on the top is the changed one and the one on the bottom is the old one. Can you see which fabric bugged me? At some point I will change the other block also to make me happier. The lesson learned is, listen to your inner voice. I made great progress on my $5 quilt sashings yesterday. I am half finished! Hopefully I will be able to get a picture soon. Happy Sunday!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Quilting Kind of Day

Today is a quilting kind of day. I'm going to pull out my sewing machine and add the sashings to these blocks to make a quilt. This is all twelve blocks from the 2007 $5 quilt club that I joined at the Quilt Barn. It was such a fun group and I liked the idea of just sewing one block a month that would be a total surprise. Even the instructor didn't know what the finished project would look like! A member pays $5 the first month for the pattern and fabric and then each month if you bring the completed block of the month back, you get another one for free. So, it is possible to make a quilt top for $5!!! Never mind, what I spent when I went there every month! lol Anyway, I'm excited to get this put together since I have never made a red and white quilt.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Brach's Sox

I really love these socks!!! They were so much fun to make with the yarn doing all the work. It is a Trekking sock yarn (color #126) which I have found to be great sock yarn. I machine wash my socks AND put them in the dryer and they come out fine. Now, I must confess I bought this yarn because it really reminded me of the Brachs candy I used to eat when I was younger. Well Ok, maybe last week too. They are coconut, caramel and chocolate. YUM all my favorites. So, while knitting I was getting an imaginary candy "fix".

The other activity this week was my first two quilt blocks from the Connecting Threads quilt club. Easy, easy blocks to do. It is an online quilting group with a blog to discuss the project. So, for this week, socks done and month one of the quilt. Yippee!!!