Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Brach's Sox

I really love these socks!!! They were so much fun to make with the yarn doing all the work. It is a Trekking sock yarn (color #126) which I have found to be great sock yarn. I machine wash my socks AND put them in the dryer and they come out fine. Now, I must confess I bought this yarn because it really reminded me of the Brachs candy I used to eat when I was younger. Well Ok, maybe last week too. They are coconut, caramel and chocolate. YUM all my favorites. So, while knitting I was getting an imaginary candy "fix".

The other activity this week was my first two quilt blocks from the Connecting Threads quilt club. Easy, easy blocks to do. It is an online quilting group with a blog to discuss the project. So, for this week, socks done and month one of the quilt. Yippee!!!

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