Wednesday, March 28, 2007


If I drink a Mojito AND work on Lizard Ridge at the same time, does that make me a "lounge lizard"? hmmmmmm

Saturday, March 24, 2007

One Down.....

One Croc Sock Rockin' and one more to go!

Here's a close up of the cable pattern on the leg.

Leapin' Lizards!!!!!

So many projects, so little time. As I worked on my Crocodile Rockin' Sock, it brought to mind another little reptile I had stashed away in my project stash. This is an on going project for me that I started because of my love of Kureyon yarn by Noro. The feel of this yarn isn't my favorite texture, but the choice of colorways is amazing! While surfing the knitting websites I found a project called Lizard Ridge that uses 24, yes 24 different Kureyon colors! Wow, right up my alley. The design is from Laura Aylor and it is shown on the Knitty website. I will use all the bright colors as shown in Laura's photo, but at this point I only have seven blocks done. It could be beautiful in the Earthtone colors too. It will be a project that I pull out once in awhile when I need a color burst to my eyes, or maybe it will be for that day where I just can't keep from buying at least ONE ball of yarn. When I need that yarn fix I will head to my LYS, and buy another ball of Kureyon! I wonder if my tendency toward reptile things is going to be a trend this year?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Crocodile Rockin Sock!!!!

I've decided that this is the year of the sock for me. I have knit lots of socks, but always stockinette stitch on computer dyed yarn. I love knitting socks so much that I wanted to learn some different techniques and use some different patterns. Through my surfing, I discovered the Rockin Sock Club through Blue Moon Fiber Arts I will receive a pattern and yarn every two months for a different sock! What fun. I received my first shipment and as I worked on it, it kept reminding me of SOMETHING. At first I thought it was a Hammerhead Shark. No, wrong color, wrong texture. Then if finally occured to me it was a crocodile. Well, to expand on this story, the Blue Moon Fiber Arts company decided to let it's members name a color range of yarns. You could send in ONE suggestion that had something to do with the "Tides". They had already named one "Tidepool". After all the suggestions were in, they would choose ten for the 2000 members to vote on. Well, a bit of discussion broke out on the Blog, because the owners picked all light hearted names like "Socktopus" and "Show me your Mussells". Several members wanted some choices of serious names. I submitted a serious name, and NO mine wasn't chosen, but I felt it wasn't world peace. The prize was yarn and it's not like I have any shortage of THAT in my house. Well, I decided I just wanted to show that I DO have a lighter side to my personality, so I decided to rename my sock for February! Instead of Inside Out Sock in color Monsoon, mine is NOW Crocodile Rockin Sock! Just my attempt to bring a little lightheartedness to the matter. Keep rockin in your socks to the Crocodile Rock!

PS. My sock didn't really grow eyes, I couldn't resist!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Photo...

A Day. Or, whenever I get around to posting. Remember, there are no rules.

I'm obviously in the mood for Spring. The long dark days and rain have put all of us Seattlites in the mood for some nice days. One thing about Seattle, if you've never visited before, when it is the least bit sunny people will be out and about wearing shorts and flip-flops like most people do on an 80 degree day. Not here. If it is sunny and 60 that is warm enough for us.

Monday, March 12, 2007


Yesterday these little flowers were buds covered in raindrops. I've noticed the cherry trees in bloom for a week or so now, in various parts of the city, but my little ol' tree was taking its own sweet time. So, today when I noticed the pretty pink blossoms I got out my camera and fired away. A little bit o' sunshine and Spring will have sprung.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Fast Cars and Freedom

This, by far, was the song of the night at the Rascal Flatts concert the "bags" and I attended. Yep, the three of us set down our needles and stepped into our boots for a fun night out. You might say we felt a tad bit older than the rest of the crowd, although there were people of all ages, the majority was made up of "young things" in tight jeans and skimpy tops that revealed anything and everything underneath, whether it looked good or not. Victoria's Secret evidently had a sale on push up bras the week before...

The concert was great and a fun night out for us. We all agreed we are very happy to be our current ages, well, maybe a little younger. No, we do not want to go back to that stage of our life where we were looking for love in all the wrong places. People watching prior to the concert was the best antidote for appreciating where we are in our lives and how far we have come.

Back in our day we would go to concerts like The Rolling Stones or Elton John. Lilly was the "groupie" of the bunch. She recounted stories of meeting certain rock stars and how she knew the exact location, with the best possible view, to catch a glimpse of the guys in their tight bell bottoms climbing into their limo after the show. She even "touched" some of them. She was much more cool than Jo and I put together. Note the word was.

This all took place a week ago and I'm just now writing about it. Life has been busy and hectic going to concerts and wine tastings, trying to fit it all in and having fun along the way. This week I'm going back to the basics and to the place I'm most comfortable. Sitting in my chair with my puppies on my lap, knitting away on my sock and sipping a nice hot cup of tea. Tomorrow we are going on another outing to lunch and a local yarn shop. We can leave our boots behind...but not our push up bras.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

This is probably the cutest horse in the world. She can be naughty, stubborn or moody but all she has to do is look at me with those big brown eyes and all is forgiven. She, along with my other equines are the reason I spend a lot of my day cleaning stalls, lugging around 50lb bags of feed, pushing 100lb bales of hay around, and spending lots of money.
The last two days have been absolutely beautiful, with sunny skies and warm weather. Following Seattle tradition I ditched any work I had to do to spend these days outside. Yesterday I took my horse on a trail ride with a good friend followed by line dancing lessons that evening. Today I went to my friends barn and rode her horse and then came home and rode my own horse. I then groomed all three of my horses down to every little hair they own. They all looked fantastic. Then it was my dog's turn, with a long session of stick throwing.
Tomorrow it's suppose to rain. I can't say I'm too sorry. Having all this fun is kind of tiring. I really wouldn't mind a rainy evening to knit.