Saturday, March 24, 2007

Leapin' Lizards!!!!!

So many projects, so little time. As I worked on my Crocodile Rockin' Sock, it brought to mind another little reptile I had stashed away in my project stash. This is an on going project for me that I started because of my love of Kureyon yarn by Noro. The feel of this yarn isn't my favorite texture, but the choice of colorways is amazing! While surfing the knitting websites I found a project called Lizard Ridge that uses 24, yes 24 different Kureyon colors! Wow, right up my alley. The design is from Laura Aylor and it is shown on the Knitty website. I will use all the bright colors as shown in Laura's photo, but at this point I only have seven blocks done. It could be beautiful in the Earthtone colors too. It will be a project that I pull out once in awhile when I need a color burst to my eyes, or maybe it will be for that day where I just can't keep from buying at least ONE ball of yarn. When I need that yarn fix I will head to my LYS, and buy another ball of Kureyon! I wonder if my tendency toward reptile things is going to be a trend this year?

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