Thursday, March 8, 2007

Fast Cars and Freedom

This, by far, was the song of the night at the Rascal Flatts concert the "bags" and I attended. Yep, the three of us set down our needles and stepped into our boots for a fun night out. You might say we felt a tad bit older than the rest of the crowd, although there were people of all ages, the majority was made up of "young things" in tight jeans and skimpy tops that revealed anything and everything underneath, whether it looked good or not. Victoria's Secret evidently had a sale on push up bras the week before...

The concert was great and a fun night out for us. We all agreed we are very happy to be our current ages, well, maybe a little younger. No, we do not want to go back to that stage of our life where we were looking for love in all the wrong places. People watching prior to the concert was the best antidote for appreciating where we are in our lives and how far we have come.

Back in our day we would go to concerts like The Rolling Stones or Elton John. Lilly was the "groupie" of the bunch. She recounted stories of meeting certain rock stars and how she knew the exact location, with the best possible view, to catch a glimpse of the guys in their tight bell bottoms climbing into their limo after the show. She even "touched" some of them. She was much more cool than Jo and I put together. Note the word was.

This all took place a week ago and I'm just now writing about it. Life has been busy and hectic going to concerts and wine tastings, trying to fit it all in and having fun along the way. This week I'm going back to the basics and to the place I'm most comfortable. Sitting in my chair with my puppies on my lap, knitting away on my sock and sipping a nice hot cup of tea. Tomorrow we are going on another outing to lunch and a local yarn shop. We can leave our boots behind...but not our push up bras.

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