Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Ever since I went to Hawaii about ten years ago, I've wanted to make a Hawaiian Quilt. Well, I still feel my applique skills are not up to par for that but maybe in the next year or so. I spotted this quilt class at Pieces Quilt shop taught by an excellent instructor Sheri Thomas. It is one big 42" block made in the traditional Hawaiian style. The pattern comes from the Pacific Rim Quilt Company located in Washington State.

I started this quilt back in May when we drove down to our daughters wedding in Las Vegas. I stitched on it on the way down and the way back, then about another week at home. It has been sitting just waiting to go to my quilter Krista Withers. I finally got it quilted and I just love it! It is my lap quilt and it is VERY bright. The purple background with the lime green design, just screams "hello, wake up!" Hence the name "ALOHA!!"