Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Heart of Mine

After all it is Valentines Day (hence the title). Love comes in many forms so if you don't have somebody special in your life, don't fret. Just throw yourself a little pity party with some chocolates and red wine and you'll soon be over it. Really. However, if you do have a boyfriend and you had good intentions and knit him a sweater for Valentines Day, well, you'll soon be over that, too. There are rules about that. Even I know the rules and I'm not a professional knitter...yet. Lilly told Jo and I all about the curse of the this evil sweater when she first taught us to knit, not that we were in harms way of having the dreaded boyfriend break-up that is the final outcome of knitting your beloved one of these sweaters. What can be worse than putting forth all the time and effort and frogging involved only to be dumped? If you did happen to break the rules and knit the sweater, you also might want to throw a little pity party, (if not now, later). After all, we are well past the stage of having boyfriends. Instead we have husbands and mine is still waiting for me to knit him a scarf, let alone a sweater. I did purchase some nice sock yarn to knit him some warm and cozy socks but I decided they would compliment some of my dark and boring outfits and, besides, I don't have enough yarn for his ski's so I'm keeping them, that is if I get them finished. Anyway, I do have a special guy in my life (besides my man with big feet) and he came into this world on Valentines Day in 1995. He is my third child and first son and to be born on Valentines Day, well, how special is that? What made it even more special is Lilly knit this sweater for him and sent it to me all the way from New Zealand. She was living abroad for a few years and she knew I was having a baby boy so she just whipped one of these little numbers up in no time. (She is a professional knitter and has been known to fall asleep in her chair with her little hands just throwing those stitches on her needles.) I'm not sure of the yarn she used but it is ever so soft and washable, too. Thank goodness for that or you would see a yellow blob on it from when he spit up all over the front of it. I kept it on there so I could smell it whenever I felt the longing for a little baby (a sure cure), and once I got over that I threw it in the wash and tucked it away for safe keeping. Some day I plan to knit an adorable little sweater for my future grandchild. It's much safer than a boyfriend sweater... instead of breaking up they grow up, but their heart is still yours!

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