Friday, February 9, 2007

Good Days

The last two days have felt like spring. Fifty degrees and more or less sunny. I had a good ride on my young horse, she is finally understanding the concept of a canter. She is a Tennessee Walking Horse and has a running walk, a gait unique to TennesseeWalkers, very smooth and easy to ride. My dog had training yesterday. I put him through a series of exercises including finding scent articles, heeling backwards, and 5 minute sit stays, all with the chaotic distractions of other dogs working, a crate full of puppies barking and lots of people coming and going . He is a young Golden Retriever with very high energy so being successful in these tasks can be difficult, but he is doing very well. He is very pleased with himself as I am also. Today I completed cutting the pieces of a quilt I am starting. I haven't made one in several years so I am excited about this new project. Sewing the pieces together will be great fun. Piecing together all those strips, squares and triangles is like putting together a big jigsaw puzzle. I know winter will come back to torment us again this year but it is springlike days like these with small successes that motivate me.

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