Sunday, February 18, 2007

Rollin' Down the Highway

What a joy it has been to drive to Anacortes, Washington every week. The weather has co-operated, and I've had crystal blue skies, fields of swans (photos of the swans later this week) and snow covered mountains as my scenery. Ahhh, the good life. I signed up for this sweater class because it intrigued me. I love Noro Kureyon yarn and the color options are plentiful. I have chosen, a teal, blue, green and purple combination which is color 163. The jacket is knit entirely in strips of garter stitch on size 7 needles, so it provides hours of mindless knitting, yet the color changes keep me motivated. The teacher at Ana-Cross Stitch is a wonderful teacher and has provided many hours of enjoyment the past few weeks. I now have a month to get all my strips completed and we will set in the sleeves the last class. I have also made my sweater a little longer than this sample shown below since I really would like it to be more like a coat.

Each week I have chosen a different restaurant to eat lunch at before I go to class. Yesterday I ate at the Rockfish Grill and enjoyed their Fish and Chips. I chose the Sweet Potato Fries for my chips and the meal was wonderful. The atmosphere was fun, lively, and funky. For the first time in my life I also wished I was a beer drinker. The restaurant is also a brewery and had several house beers that looked interesting. I needed Flo and Jo along to sample those I guess! So, it's back to garter stitch strips for me, which remind me of rollin down the highway with the ever changing colors of the scenery.

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