Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sockless in Seattle

Sockless is not the correct term but it sounded good with Seattle so that is what I put. No rules, remember? The lovely handknit blue sock on my right foot was finished when the "3 bags" and 1 guest knitter, we'll call her Virginia, gathered for our annual SnB getaway weekend. We try to do it once a year and it typically involves a stop at a destination yarn shop. Once again we visited Fancy Image Yarns in Shelton, WA. The owner Myra Hansen dyes several of the yarns herself and the shop is well worth the visit. (There will be upcoming posts about this shop). Back to the lone blue sock... I purchased enough of the Plymouth Odyssey yarn (for a pair of socks but the first sock wouldn't fit a normal foot, that is a foot with toes. If I didn't have toes it wouldn't be a problem. I couldn't walk but my sock would fit.

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