Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Girls and Color and Fluff, Oh My!!

Since there are no rules, I guess I can brag about my own projects. This sweater was SO much fun to make. The constant change of colors and texture made it one of those projects that you can't put down. It was purchased as a kit from Fancy Image Yarn, which includes some of Myra's hand dyed yarn, the pattern by
Knitting Pure & Simple, AND the buttons. It is knit from the neck down, so there is no sewing involved. You gotta love that! There are a lot of ends due to the changes of the yarn and the pattern says you can leave them, but I just couldn't so I wove in every last one. Does that also count as breaking a rule? Now, all I need is a little girl to "strut her stuff" wearing this sweater. Knit on!

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