Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Amazing Magic Milkbox

I hesitate to bring this up for the whole world to see. I fear I will have lines of knitters flocking to my neighborhood wanting a glimpse of the Magic Milkbox. I can imagine traffic jams, angry neighbors and the whole nine yards! It's just too good to keep a complete secret though. Up to this point, only a select few know about the magic of my milkbox. Flo discovered the secret a year or so ago, she called and said "Lilly, help! I have a screw up with my knitting, can I bring it over?" I wasn't going to be home, so I told her to just leave it in my milkbox. When she picked it up the next day, it was back to normal and ready to work on! Amazing! This magic just doesn't happen for Flo either. I have told a select few about it and they too have had the same experience. The "fix it fairy" just shows up during the night and corrects any problems!

The milkman also understands what is going on. He knows that should he ever try to deliver milk and he sees yarn and needles, that I am not trying to tell him to take up knitting! He knows to push it aside and deliver the milk! So, if you have a project that needs fixing, you might just try putting it in your milkbox and see what happens!

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