Tuesday, January 30, 2007

If You Must Know...

Whose bag is in Lilly's milkbox, guess no more. It's mine. If it wasn't for this magic milkbox I wouldn't have socks on my feet, scarves wrapped around my neck, or a one of a kind beaded ipod bag. I've made more trips to this box than I care to admit. I'm worried what the neighbors think when they see me drive up in my black vehicle, scurry to the front porch with a non-descript white grocery sack or my new cool sock bag (gift from Lilly), make my "drop", jump in my car only to return the next day for the "pickup". I've been known to repeat this process twice in one weekend. Those were in the early day's when I was considered a junior knitter. Now that I have this fancy schmancy sock bag I feel my ranking should be somewhere around "Advanced", since I do have one sock completed and another one in the bag. Uhh, I mean box.

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