Saturday, January 27, 2007

A Peek Inside my Knitting Bag...and My Psyche

Note the beautiful hand dyed yarn from Fancy Image Yarns. I'm going to combine the blue and the coral and make a pair of socks on size 6 dpn, if/when I finish my current project. I must confess. I have a tendancy to start projects and not finish them. I'm completely comfortable with this though, since I know I'm a "multi-tasker" at heart, at least that's how I prefer to view myself. Well, if you must know the truth, this isn't a knitting specific disorder it is just how I am. If nothing else, knitting will bring out your authentic self and you might be surprised at just how much you'll learn about your inner workings, especially if you knit with friends who are "Rhonda Rulebooks", like I do. Jo gets anxious if she has more than one project going at a time and it stresses her out so she doesn't enjoying the process because, after all, that's the rule. If you start something you finish it before moving on to something else. But I musn't diss my friend because she has been known to knit some beautiful projects and since we often knit the same project, (because we go shopping at the yarn shops together and both just have to make the same thing), well, it kinda forces me to look at my tangled mess of a project that is still in my bag, long forgotten, jockying for position to be the next in line. Now if this doesn't provoke guilt I don't know what will. So one must look at how we handle guilt. That's easy for me. I don't need to be a Junior Psychologist to figure this one out. I look for a diversion; I start a new project.

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