Thursday, October 18, 2007

Another project finished!

The day before I went to NY, I went to Bainbridge Island and took a Fair Isle class at Churchmouse Yarns. I know some things about Fair Isle, but it bothers me that my stitches aren't even in the colorwork, and I"m trying hard to eliminate puckering. So, I take a class whenever I see a good instructor is offering one. I am amazed at how I pick up one little tip from each instructor. My work is getting better, but I'm still not "there". This hat is a design by Karen Alfke, who is a great instructor and has designed many patterns. She is so knowledgable! It is made of Jamieson's DK. I have never used this yarn before so that was a new experience too. It is quite scratchy, but I understand that is softens up with laundering and wear. I personally wouldn't be able to wear it next to my skin. It is the ORIGINAL Fair Isle yarn so "real" Fair Isle knitters use it. Anyway, it was a good color lesson. I would change things a bit next time because you can see that my design doesn't stand out clearly. I'm told that Fair Isle designs have and X & O pattern. Mine is there, but it doesn't stand out clearly. I think a color change would correct that.

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