Thursday, August 23, 2007

Over the River and Through the Woods

Sometimes, I just get in the mood to get in my car, plug in my iPod and drive. I had a day off today and the sun was shining and I said to myself "time to get in the car and drive". I think unconsciously I DID know where I was headed, but I refused to say it out loud. I took off and drove a back road to Issaquah, Washington. It's faster to get there by freeway, but it was just one of those meandering days to drive through a Maple tree forest.

I ended up at a new yarn shop (really I didn't plan that) called Cultured Purls. It is a lovely shop with a very helpful owner. She has a little different selection than most shops, so I found it fun to browse. Of course I didn't leave empty handed! I bought a skein of Blue Heron Yarns Rayon/Metallic in color Blueberry. This yarn is SO beautiful that I just couldn't resist it!

It is destined to become the Clapotis Wrap which is a free pattern on I'm not sure when I will start on it, since I have several "must start" projects and of course there are those "must finish" projects that I will not mention. This yarn is really calling me though and I think it will jump to the front of the line! That's all I will fess up to today, but yes, there's more. Stay tuned.


Flo said...

Beautiful yarn! Why didn't you drive over the river and to the lake? Once I get moved back home and get settled in, I will start some projects and knitting. Thought I would do some this summer but I've come to accept the fact I am a seasonal knitter!


Knitting Bandit said...

Gorgeous yarn. I am resisting the temptation to add some to my stash!