Saturday, August 25, 2007

Mission Impossible~~~~Accomplished!

Da, Da, Da...Da, Da, Da... Okay, you get the idea. For the past couple of years I have wanted to get all my circular knitting needles organized. I am always digging away in drawers and bags trying to find the one I want. Well, I finally came up with a system that I think I will like, as well as EASILY be able to take ALL my needles to classes and on vacation! I purchased 17 pencil pouches @ $1.29 a piece and designated one for each millimeter size! The pockets are clear so I can see in them, but I also wrote the US size and the mm size with a permanent pen on the outside. They are held together with three locking rings. As you can see, they are reinforced with grommets and made of heavy nylon and plastic. I think I finally found a solution to all my needle tangles! Now is the time to buy those pencil pockets while all the back to school sales are on!

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Knitting Bandit said...

Awesome idea. Thanks for sharing. I hate the time I waste hunting for the right needles I will watch for those to go on sale. I bought my son one less than a week ago and it was $3. Do you think he'd give it back to e?