Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Very Special Birthday

BJ shown here is a significant member of our family. Unknown to us , on a large farm in Idaho 30 years ago a bay filly was born on St. Patricks day with a star as big as her little face. She was a carefully bred horse, having the most famous names in the Quarter Horse world on her registration. She acquired numerous points and awards in the American Quarter Horse Association circuit. She then bred 4 very successful colts. Taking advantage of her beautiful forward movement she was trained in dressage and became very successful, going up to the third level. All this was unknown to us when she came into our life. We were looking for a horse for our then 10 year old horse crazy daughter. We found her at a day camp for horse loving kids. She was not used by the children though since she was a highly spirited horse. She was used by the experienced trainers. It was one of those trainers that we knew who told us about her. We came to try her out. She was a beautiful sight. Huge muscular hind quarters and a wide deep chest gave her that classic foundation Quarter Horse look. She had very polite ground manners and a friendly curious interest in my daughter and I. Being the safe mom I tried her out first. She was smooth as silk, but boy did she want to go fast. I felt like I could barely keep her under control. My daughter could hardly wait to try her. She was a very capable rider but I was afraid BJ was too much horse for her. Before she got on, my daughter has a little ritual of letting the horse sniff her and pressing her head against against the horse's head. Well BJ understood, and she moved out with my daughter on her in a calm steady gait that was the picture of control. We bought her right then and promised BJ she would never be sold again. BJ and my daughter had many adventures together and they both loved to show winning lots of blue ribbons. BJ always gave me and any other person who rode her a wild ride, but she always took care of my daughter and kept her safe. My daughter is still riding dressage, she is competing nationally on the east coast this week for her collage team. She compares every horse she rides to BJ, as the perfect standard. So when BJ turned 30 this year, we felt we had to celebrate with a party with those who knew her and appreciated her for the wonderful spirit she has brought to all of us.


Lilly said...

She is beautiful indeed! Happy Birthday BJ!!!!

Flo said...

She looks so pleased with herself. Geez, no wonder she is the "Queen Bee" of the pasture with all the credentials she has. I think she should be allowed to wear her necklace all the time!