Friday, April 20, 2007

Another One Bites the Dust

OK, as promised, here is the A Swell Yarn "Duet" socks. It was quite a challenge getting a photo of them on my feet! I didn't want ANY of my white legs to be showing!
Two years ago Flo, Jo and I went to Flo's lake cabin to have a weekend "stitch and bitch". The first night all of us got ready for bed and Flo ( after a few glasses of wine) looked at me and said, "I didn't know you had to wear support hose!" I quickly told her I didn't, but we all cracked up laughing. My legs were SO white that she thought they were the white nurses support stockings! I have never heard the end of that one. So, since I didn't want this confirmed on camera, I had to get a picture of my socks WITHOUT legs! As you can probably tell in the photo, these were just a tad bit too loose on me. I will wear them as bed socks or slipper socks and I will adjust the pattern for the next pair. I will try four stitches less and an inch shorter. So, I learned three new techniques I hadn't tried before with this pattern. First there was the Magic Cast On, which is demonstrated on Renaissance Yarns web site, then I learned the Afterthought Heel, and finally I learned Elizabeth Zimmerman's elastic bind off. Socks are a whole new world! Yes, Flo, there is enough yarn in most skeins if you should ever decide to make two socks! :o)

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Jo said...

I am so impressed with your picture.