Sunday, April 8, 2007

Heaven, I'm in Heaven....

PUT YOUR KNITTING NEEDLES AWAY!?? Flo, say it ain't so! I'll never forget when Flo's daughter asked if Lilly knits in the summer too. Yes, daughter, Lilly knits in her sleep and all year round. I guess I need Flo to come over and work on my flowers because not only do I not like to get my hands dirty, but they are rarely without knitting needles! I have to save my hands for silk, alpaca, wool and cashmere. :o) My poor garden could REALLY use some help. Hmmm, maybe I could knit some felted flowers!
I just love this new sock yarn. I am in absolute heaven knitting with it. It is so soft and nice and the color is wonderful. The contrast heel and toe give some extra pizazz. I think I really do like the Magic Cast On and the toe up pattern. This is my second toe up sock, but I haven't done an Afterthought heel before. You use a row of waste yarn (which you can barely spot in the photo) and go back after the sock is finished and knit the heel. At least I THINK that is how you do it. Here's some progress, so you can see the beautiful colors of this yarn. Back to knitting, my hands have been without needles a whole 20 mintues! Hopefully, when Flo gets her garden finished, she will take pity and come work on mine.

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