Monday, June 25, 2007


A few months back there was a dissussion on Wendy Knits about lace. A reader wanted to know a good pattern for a first lace project. Wendy suggested her Fir Cone Wrap. I looked at the pattern and even though I had knitted bits of lace for an inset on a baby sweater etc, I had never knit a WHOLE lace piece before or gone through the blocking process. So, I printed the pattern and bought some burgundy colored Gems by Louet. I have really enjoyed this pattern!! It is easy to pick up and put down and the needles are a decent size, so at least you feel like there is hope that you will finish it in your lifetime. This is a photo "in progress". I can't wait to block it with my new lace blockers! I am halfway so hopefully it will be on the blockers before too long.

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Jo said...

I love the lace. I think I need make some. Do you think I could do it?