Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Retail High !!!!!!

My, my, my, there is nothing like a Local Yarn Shop Tour!! It was held last weekend in Seattle and it included 20 yarn shops from Bellingham, to Kent, Washington. I have been to most of the yarn shops in the area but there were a couple that have opened in the last year or so that I wanted to visit. I loaded my driver (husband with Sudoku puzzles) into the car and off we went. I visited seven shops in one day and did serious damage to my checkbook, but it was SO much fun. Each shop had a free pattern that would make something with ONE skein of yarn. The prices ranged from inexpensive to expensive. The yarn to make the pattern was offered at 10% off. Of course, I will reveal my treasures in the coming months, but I highly recommend going on this type of tour if they offer this event in your area. It was fun to talk to other knitters that were touring all the shops and listen to their comments.
One of the shops I visited was Village Yarn and Tea. This was a wonderful little shop with the friendliest staff of the tour. They really made you feel welcome. I even heard the owner looking up Ferry schedules for another customer to go to a shop across the Puget Sound! I made a couple of purchases in that shop, (Hand Maiden Sea Silk, Kid Silk Haze) but I wanted to share these darling little stitch markers. I thought these were the cutest stitch markers I have seen and the lady that makes them happened to be in the shop knitting and having tea. She has a website called Good to be Girl and it shows her current offerings. It was so hard to decide which ones I wanted. She also had some cute little pea pods but I restrained myself and stuck to desserts this time. Desserts before veggies right? Hey, there are NO calories in these little treats!

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Flo said...

I wondered if you would be going on this little tour. We must plan a field trip so Jo and I can follow you around and get quacked at for being naughty. Those certainly are cute stitch holders - did they have any with martini glasses?:-)