Friday, May 25, 2007

A Cure for Crankiness

There is nothing like something pink for a baby girl to put a smile on your face! I just finished this project for a baby shower I'm attending in a couple of weeks. I have made this little sweater for years and the recipients always love them. You can see the blue version on Flo's February 14th post. That one was made twelve years ago. It's called the "Coming Home" sweater because it is so tiny! It usually fits the baby for about one to two months. I still have to steam it, but I couldn't wait to take a picture. I used GGH Merino Soft for this one. (two balls) I liked the feel of the yarn, but I did tend to split it. I use really pointed needles, so that probably contributed to the problem. It is a machine washable yarn, but of course no dryer. Now, I can go back to my Rockin Sock Club project but I hope I don't get cranky again. I'm glad I have so many projects started so I can just jump to another one when I'm not enjoying the current one. Never fear Flo, my needles are a clickin' and there is a smile on my face!

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