Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy New Year!

Wow, where did November and December go? It seems like I never even lived through them. I guess that's what the holidays do to us. I was busy with projects though as you can see from the photo.
The quilt block in the center is from my $5 quilt class. It is the last block and now I'm working on the sashing. I should have another finished quilt in the next month or two. It was a fun group and I have signed up for the 2008 club. I also purchased a nice kit from Connecting Threads called Raspberry Truffle. They have an online group that I plan on participating in.
In the foreground is a pillow case that I made for several members of my family and friends. It is the neatest pattern and so quick. I made all of them of flannel and I am able to make one from cut to finish in a half hour!
The little wrist warmers are from the Knitty site. It is a free pattern called "Fetching" and uses one ball of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino. I made one pair in the aqua color and wanted them tighter so I made another pair in Burgundy. I think I made a pair in two days.
The socks I had shown on an earlier post in October, but I only had one done. They are Halloween socks. I was bound and determined to finish the second one before my Valentine Kit arrived. I got these from Woolgirl. I heard a package hit my door and I had four rows to go on the second sock! Talk about timing! So now I have a Valentine kit to work on and I've signed up for the Easter kit.
The last item is a ruffled scarf made of Koigu yarn. I thought it looked like a quick and easy. Easy maybe but not quick. The pattern starts with 660 stitches! I do love it, but I wish it was a little longer. If it was though, that would mean MORE stitches. ARG
I am currently working on a childs pinwheel sweater. I have the pinwheel part done and now I need to work on the sleeves. Hopefully a picture will follow soon.
So, I have been busy, just not communicative. Hopefully all of you are having a creative year too!

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